Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting


High Definition plasma cutting offers a cost effective cutting solution to customers seeking moderate to tight tolerances. We are able to cut a wide variety of materials including:

  • Commercial quality, S275, S355 and many other graded steels.
  • Floor plates or Vastrap / Checker plate.
  • Hard wearing plates (SS10/200).
  • Stainless steels – Various grades.
  • 3CR12.
  • Aluminium - Various grades.

Technical Specifications

Maximum cutting Size

  • 13 000mm X 3 000mm.

Maximum material thickness

  • Ferrous and non ferrous metals : 50mm.

Other Information

  • +- 1mm tolerances, dependant on the type and thickness of the material to be processed.
  • Smooth cut surface.
  • Pickle & passivate of Stainless steel on request.
  • Flattening of plate is done after cutting.