CNC Flame Cutting


We are able to cut a wide variety of materials using our CNC Flame Cutting machines including:

  • Mild steel, S275, S355, J0 + N, and various other graded material.
  • Floor plates or Vastrap / Checker plate.
  • Bennox – SS10/100.
  • ROQ-TUF.
  • Domex - Various grades.
  • Weldox - Various grades.
  • Hardox - Various grades.

Technical Specifications

Maximum cutting size

  • 22 000mm x 2 500mm.

Maximum material thickness

  • Carbon Steels : up to 300 mm.

Other information

  • All cut parts are fettled before despatch.
  • Up to +/- 2mm cutting tolerance, dependant on material thickness and contours to be cut.
  • Flattening of plate is done after cutting on request.
  • Maximum lifting capacity is 10 tonnes.